it takes a village.

Three Strands was birthed out of a passion to come alongside women during the journey of motherhood.  We currently offer two services that are centered around caring for mommas right where they are.  So, whether you are looking for support before, during or after your pregnancy we are here to help. Our services include birth doulas & childbirth educators. We believe that it really does take a village.

Helping you prepare for your little ones arrival. We offer 2 three hour in-person sessions. During the classes you will be learning about nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, how to prepare for labor, labor and delivery, interventions and hospital procedures, and how to care for your infant.

Birth pool rentals provide expecting parents with the option to temporarily acquire specially designed inflatable or rigid pools for labor and delivery. These pools offer ample space and features like padded floors and handles for comfort and support. Warm water in the pool can ease contractions and provide pain relief during labor.

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Our doulas take the mystery out of the birth experience through education and authentic empathy. We understand your fears, your concerns, your hopes, and your expectations. We provide a calm, reassuring presence and uplifting support focused on caring for you, the momma, and empowering you throughout your journey.

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We start the process by getting to know you and your family.

Choose which service best fits your needs and we will pair you with one of our team members.

It is our goal to support you through this season in your life. You've got this!