dear momma,

 you are the giver of life and love to your family. You build a refuge in which your family is nurtured, valued, and encouraged. Through your tender care, your family thrives. Let us bring the same kind of life affirming attentiveness to the sacred space of your birth experience and within your home.

Practiced in the art of motherhood, we seek to complement your strengths by coming alongside you in one of life’s greatest callings. Using a holistic approach, we serve mamas and their families before, during, and after birth. Together, with a community of support, we help usher women into motherhood with confidence and grace. In doing so, it is our hope to positively impact mothers and their families.

mary ann

I am Mary Ann Stoltzfus, a wife to Ben, and nine people call me, Mom. I have two amazing grandsons and a granddaughter on the way. Also, a little grandson in heaven. I started the doula journey in 2009, after asking our Heavenly Father how I could be a voice and encouragement to young mommas. He led me to an organization that trains childbirth professionals and doulas. Since then, I have attended over 100 births and have started building a team of women that carry my heart and vision for families. I truly believe that when families are healthy and strong, our communities become strong.  God has designed family to represent and bring pleasure to Him. My encouragement to young parents is to take time to invest in themselves and create a family vision that can leave a legacy for generations.


office Manager

Joanna is creative, out-going and loves to see children using their imagination. Joanna loves being outside and being with animals. When Joanna is not serving families, she is with friends or at home reading an incredible book.




Mary Spicher was raised on her family's small dairy farm nestled in the Appalachian mountains of central Pennsylvania. She loves world travel, cycling with her husband, chocolate, and fireflies. Her deep love for small children and gifted ability to nurture provides a calm and reassuring presence for birthing mothers, regardless of ability, ethnicity, age, or culture. She has been a doula for over 25 births!


BIRTH doula

Marilyn Garman is a wife and a mother to four beautiful children. She loves spending time in the kitchen, teaching her children, and going on camping adventures with her family. Marilyn is full of life, always wanting to learn more about birth and how to prepare mother's for an amazing birth experience. She believes that providing support to mothers allows them to be loved well and in turn, enables them to thrive.


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Marlena naturally cares for a family with love and patience. She has learned how to care for a large family since she was young and loves to spend quality time with her friends and family. In her free time, Marlena enjoys traveling and meeting new people!

mothers helper







Jasmin is the oldest of 7 children. She has a lot of experience with having fun and playing with children. She loves finding new ways to engage and interact, allowing her creativity to come out more in the way she babysits. In her spare time she enjoys drawing and writing. 

Annalisa is the oldest of six children in her family. She has BIG heart for children and bringing smile to their faces. Annalisa loves being outdoors, hunting with her dad, and being creative with her friends. Annalisa takes her time with children as an opportunity to use the gifting's God has given her. 

Geneva is the oldest of five children in her family. Growing up she often babysat for family and friends. She loves to spend time with children and minister to their young lives. In her spare time she enjoys writing, singing, and swimming with her friends. 



As a wife and mother to two young children herself, Annie knows the beauty and challenge of being a mom! She loves supporting other women, cooking, and yes, even cleaning! Her patience and warm personality make everyone feel treasured and heard. She handles all the schedules of our ladies, figuring out which ones of our ladies will best fit a family!



Lori is a wife and lover of Jesus. She has a love for working with children and is so patient with them. She loves education and beauty. She has a passion for health, and sharing her knowledge with others. She is a woman of honesty and being real to herself and others.  

Jalisa comes from a big family, as she is the oldest of five children! She believes in the importance of investing in the lives of the children she gets to serve and desires to do that through her work. Jalisa loves music, books and spending time with friends. In her free time, she enjoys learning and exploring new things. 


mothers helper


Amber is married to her best friend, and is a aunt to 23 nieces and nephews. She comes across shy at first but soon she is her bubbly self. She loves spending time with children, keeping house, pets, baking, sports and being out in nature. Her biggest goal in life is keeping God first and never taking life for granted. 






Mothers helper

Mothers helper

Mothers helper

Mothers helper



Heidi is a nurturing and caring woman of God. When Heidi comes to be with your family, she will care for your children the way God created her too. Heidi loves a good book and cup of coffee on a rainy day. Heidi will bring harmony in peace in a home with her presence.   

Riley attended the Lancaster Career and Technology Center where she was trained in Early Childhood Education. She loves working and playing with children of all ages. She is very friendly and can carry a conversation with just about anyone. She loves to serve and encourage others and shine the light of Christ everywhere she goes.   

Amber grew up in a family of 9 and is married to her best friend. She has a warm and outgoing personality and loves caring for babies and smaller children. Amber enjoys going to the beach, reading a good book and traveling. Her goal in life is to keep Jesus first and to have people see Him in all she does. 

Lourdes was born and adopted from Guatemala. She is one of seven children, and has a passion to see busy moms have help so that they can spend more priceless time with their children. She was a nanny for five years and has worked with children for the last ten years of her life. 

Lindsey is the oldest of 4 siblings and cherishes her time with family and friends. She enjoys being active in playing sports and doing outside activities. She is passionate about missions and serving, she loves caring for children and encouraging them in any way possible. 


mothers helper

Kyla has a passion for children that shows in how she cares for them. She has been involved with a youth center for over five years. She spent two years in Mexico as a caregiver in a children's home. She also has experience as a CNA. She enjoys playing games, music, and being in nature. She loves exploring new places, cultures, and languages and is fluent in Spanish. 

Allie's heart and goal is to value the customer and what they have to share. We as Three Strands come alongside the family to support and provide care that is like nothing else around. Allie communicates in a way that is safe, reliable and allowing our customers to be heard and served to the best of our ability. 

Care representative 


Mothers helper

Karissa is the one of six children. She has a passion and love working with kids and helping them learn all about life. She enjoys reading and playing games in her spare time. She comes off shy at first but quickly becomes a very a fun person to be around. 


mothers helper


Erin comes alongside families providing a calm and supportive role. Erin is very organized and loves providing routine and love for children. Erin loves singing and learning the guitar. Erin hopes to have a big family one day and use her nurturing gift.


Aimee is a wife to Michael and mother to 2 wonderful little boys Coleson and Malcolm. She is also the oldest of 5 siblings and has worked with children since she was young in church nurseries, daycares and most recently in her home school districts varying special needs classrooms. Aimee gets so much joy teaching and learning with children and seeing their sense of accomplishment when they master a new skill. When she is not serving in a home, she enjoys volunteering at her sons school, meeting friends for coffee in the park and spending time with her family.

Mothers helper

Mothers Helper


Jess is the oldest of 3 children. In the past she has done numerous babysitting adventures and enjoys children and the many precious moments they bring to her life. Some of Jess's interests include crafting, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.


Jolene grew up as the only girl in a family with four brothers and is married to her best friend. She loves reading, exploring new places, and spending time with children. Before working for Three Strands, she worked for six years as a secretary and enjoys making a difference in homes through her cleaning and organizational skills.



mothers helper

Julia grew up in a homeschooled family as the oldest of 10 children and has been working with children off and on since high school. In her free time, you can find Julia spending time with her husband and cat, reading, dancing, or making a fancy cup of coffee! She is truly excited to be a part of the Three Strands team and be able to serve and bless families to the best of the abilities and passions that God has give her.

jalisa y.

mothers helper

Jalisa is excited to serve local families by caring for children and building personal relationships with them! She is passionate about ministry and has volunteered at various orphanages and youth Bible camps. She also enjoys traveling/new cultures, playing sports, being outdoors, and spending quality time with friends.


mothers helper

Rachel is the youngest of three and was adopted at a very young age. She has a passion to work with children and worked as a nanny for ten years including caring for a prison baby at a mission in Colorado. Rachel also had the privilege to organize and lead a week long summer children’s camp for a mom’s group for the last couple summers. Rachel has done quite a bit of traveling and enjoy visiting new places and she also enjoy working in the kitchen, cooking up meals for her husband.


postpartum doula

Brenda is a wife to Eric, mother to 5 children, and Nana to 11 grandchildren. She loves to laugh, have fun, and loves babies. Her heart is to serve new mamas and their babies, helping them get the best start to life possible. She believes postpartum is a precious time and it’s important to take special care of yourself. She can help with breastfeeding, newborn care, self-care, emotional health, questions and concerns and with things around the house. She also can provide overnight care so mama can get much needed rest. Her hope is for the family to feel blessed and not stressed!


mothers helper

Stephanie is a child lover at heart. She is gifted and talented both with children and in the kitchen cooking, but she loves playing with and taking care of children. Steph has a deep passion to help and bless mom's and their baby's, by investing time and energy into there lives.


Mothers helper

Laken loves working around children and seeing them learn and grow. In her free time, she likes to swim, go to the beach and be around animals. She also have five younger brothers!


mothers helper

Anah is an early childhood education student at Lancaster Bible College with a passion for children and infants. She loves to read and listen to music, as well as help her mom with her foster siblings. Anah hopes to, one day, be a foster parent like her parents. She loves meeting new people and learning new things. She may ask lots of questions, but is always willing to help when needed.