dear momma,

 you are the giver of life and love to your family. You build a refuge in which your family is nurtured, valued, and encouraged. Through your tender care, your family thrives. Let us bring the same kind of life affirming attentiveness to the sacred space of your birth experience and within your home.

Practiced in the art of motherhood, we seek to complement your strengths by coming alongside you in one of life’s greatest callings. Using a holistic approach, we serve mamas and their families before, during, and after birth. Together, with a community of support, we help usher women into motherhood with confidence and grace. In doing so, it is our hope to positively impact mothers and their families.

mary ann

I am Mary Ann Stoltzfus, a wife to Ben, and nine people call me, Mom. I have two amazing grandsons and two beautiful granddaughters. Also, a little grandson in heaven. I started the doula journey in 2009, after asking our Heavenly Father how I could be a voice and encouragement to young mommas. He led me to an organization that trains childbirth professionals and doulas. Since then, I have attended over 100 births and have started building a team of women that carry my heart and vision for families. I truly believe that when families are healthy and strong, our communities become strong.  God has designed family to represent and bring pleasure to Him. My encouragement to young parents is to take time to invest in themselves and create a family vision that can leave a legacy for generations.


office Manager

Joanna is creative, out-going and loves to see children using their imagination. Joanna loves being outside and being with animals. When Joanna is not serving families, she is with friends or at home reading an incredible book.




Mary Spicher was raised on her family's small dairy farm nestled in the Appalachian mountains of central Pennsylvania. She loves world travel, cycling with her husband, chocolate, and fireflies. Her deep love for small children and gifted ability to nurture provides a calm and reassuring presence for birthing mothers, regardless of ability, ethnicity, age, or culture. She has been a doula for over 25 births!


BIRTH doula

Marilyn Garman is a wife and a mother to four beautiful children. She loves spending time in the kitchen, teaching her children, and going on camping adventures with her family. Marilyn is full of life, always wanting to learn more about birth and how to prepare mother's for an amazing birth experience. She believes that providing support to mothers allows them to be loved well and in turn, enables them to thrive.


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Marlena naturally cares for a family with love and patience. She has learned how to care for a large family since she was young and loves to spend quality time with her friends and family. In her free time, Marlena enjoys traveling and meeting new people!

mothers helper


Mother's Helper

Kayla is the middle child of 4 siblings. She has been babysitting since she was 13 for families. Kayla has worked with the iu13 for 2 years and has always had a strong passion for working with kids. She loves taking care of children and helping them learn and grow. Kayla enjoys music, outdoor activities, hanging with friends and doing DIY projects. One of her favorite things to do is travel, either in the US or out of the country. 


mothers helper

Team leader

Cassidy has a huge heart for serving children and families. Cassidy was taught the value of hard work as she grew up working on her family’s dairy farm in New Holland. Cassidy has also been babysitting since she 16 years old. She has experience caring for children of all ages and even spent time caring for adults with disabilities. Cassidy has been involved with children ministry at her church for many years. She has served in the nursery, as a camp counselor and a Sunday school teacher. She currently teaches the first grade Sunday School class and is actively serving in other ways! 


Mothers helper


Mothers helper

Team Leader

Riley attended the Lancaster Career and Technology Center where she was trained in Early Childhood Education. After graduating, she worked as an assistant teacher in both elementary age and preschool classrooms. Riley also enjoys teaching Sunday school at her church and she loves working and playing with children of all ages. Riley is very friendly and can carry a conversation with just about anyone. She has a passion to serve and encourage others and shine the light of Christ everywhere she goes. 

mothers helper

Care representative 

mothers helper

Mothers helper



mothers helper

   Team leader

Jalisa is excited to serve local families by caring for children and building personal relationships with them! Through Three Strands, she has cared for many children of all ages and enjoys learning the interests of each child. She loves to introduce fun activities and makes it a goal to be creative in the daily tasks. She understands that every family has specific needs and is willing to lighten the mother’s load in any way she can! In her spare time, she likes to play sports, explore new places, and be with family and friends.


postpartum doula

Brenda is a wife to Eric, mother to 5 children, and Nana to 11 grandchildren. She loves to laugh, have fun, and loves babies. Her heart is to serve new mamas and their babies, helping them get the best start to life possible. She believes postpartum is a precious time and it’s important to take special care of yourself. She can help with breastfeeding, newborn care, self-care, emotional health, questions and concerns and with things around the house. She also can provide overnight care so mama can get much needed rest. Her hope is for the family to feel blessed and not stressed!



Emma has always had a passion for helping others. She cherishes taking care of children and allowing them to be creative and have fun. Also, Emma loves playing lacrosse and being active. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, writing, and hiking.


mothers helper

mother's helper


mothers helper

Lindsey is the youngest of 3, with two older brothers. She enjoys music, singing and hanging out with her friends. She also has a love for animals and of course, interacting with children. One of her favorite things to do is traveling, whether it’s to the beach or cabin. Lindsey attends Ephrata community Church, where she is involved in the children’s ministry, helping in the 4 year olds class.


 Jenna has been babysitting for almost 5 years now. She spent an impactful 7 months at a ministry in Alabama caring for toddlers and infants of incarcerated parents. Jenna has lived in the same small town her whole life and enjoys being involved in the community through serving at a local youth center. She enjoys coffee dates with close friends, reading, and basically any little project that keeps me creative.

mothers helper


mothers helper

   Team leader

Meg has 4 years experience in a leadership position in previous jobs and she plans on using that experience to help the ladies on our team grow and better serve our families. Meg has over 2 years experience in caring for families and she enjoys getting to spend time with the kids and learn new things! She hopes to take the things she had learned and apply them to her own family one day. Meg has always had a passion for helping and caring for others. 





Maddie has always had a passion for helping others. She loves taking care of children and helping them through the highs and lows of life. Maddie has been taking care of children in some sort of form since she was 15 and she volunteers at her church's children's ministry and church's youth group. She has loved working with young people and being a positive light in their lives. In Maddie's free time, she likes to read, watch movies, and spend time with her friends and family.


Ashley is the oldest of 4 girls and is married to her husband, Dallas. She has enjoyed getting to take care of her own house and all the responsibilities that come with it since getting married. Ashley has always loved babies and little kids and in her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and friends, shopping, and just having a good time! Ashley is very excited to become apart of the kids and mother's lives and hopes to bless them.


Faith is the oldest of five children and she is married to her childhood sweetheart. Faith has always loved children and is secretly still a child at heart. She has a heart for helping children grow emotionally and intellectually. A few of her favorite hobbies are working outdoors, organizing, and finding beauty in everyday life.

mothers helper

Mothers helper

Karlee is happily married to her best friend, Michael and she loves spending time with family and hanging out with friends. Karlee and her husband enjoy snowboarding but she would still prefer the hot sun any day! Karlee has been able to travel to Africa, Australia, and backpack through Europe. She only hopes to grow that list because she loves to travel and explore. Stick a cup of coffee in her hand and her heart is happy! 

mothers helper


Jannah has a heart for caring for others and has helped with children in many different ways since she was young. She is a sister to 6 siblings and an auntie to two nieces. She is passionate about discovering God’s grace and how it is reflected in the world around us in many ways. A few things that get her excited about life are God and His love, anything outdoors, and a good cup of tea.


Rachel grew up in a small town in Maryland taking care of her younger sister with disabilities and five other local families for the past few years. She serves in the PA Army National Guard. In her free time you’ll find her cooking, painting, working out, helping out on her dairy farm, worshiping with friends, and doing bible studies. She is a lover of life, Jesus and found children have brought her lots of joy. Rachel believes her purpose in life is to care for and love others deeply.

Julia grew up in a homeschooled family as the oldest of 10 children, and has been working with children off and on since high school. Aside from being a lifeguard and swim instructor, she also was a camp counselor, and shift supervisor at Starbucks. In her free time, you can find Julia spending time with her husband and cats, reading, and dancing. 


Courtney is the youngest of a family of five. She has a big heart for helping others whenever she can. One of her favorite things is curling up with a cup of tea. She also enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, and baking. Courtney loves to get creative and loves to see children using their imagination.



Krystal loves seeing children use their imaginations and getting creative. She's happy to be able to help lighten a mama's load however she can. A few things about Krystal, I'm married to my best friend, I enjoy cooking and cake decorating. I also enjoy taking my dogs for walks, houseplants, outside flowers and finding beauty in every day things.


Mothers Helper

Becca was adopted from Lapaz Bolivia and grew up in Lancaster City. She is married to her highschool sweetheart, Cory, and they have two beautiful boys, with another on the way! She has taught Pre-K and been a teacher for 1 year olds, and newborns in numerous daycare facilities. She also has a background in farming and worked on a dairy farm during her teen years. In her free time she enjoys photography, art, gardening, and taking long evening walks. She is passionate about learning different cultures and traveling. 

 Lydia is the youngest of six children in her family. She has always had a heart for connecting with children. Lydia has served in kids ministry for the past three years and continues to do so. She enjoys playing volleyball and spending time outdoors. In her free time she loves to spend time with family and grow her relationships with her friends.

mothers helper

Jo was raised in a family of ten children, so most of her life has been spent surrounded by kids of various ages. She spent four years as a nanny for several families, and the past two years as a first-grade teacher. Creating safe places for kids to thrive and experience love is a passion of hers. In addition to spending time with kids, Jo enjoys thrifting, spending time with friends, interior design, and growing her houseplant collection.



Laysha was adopted at 11 year old. She came from a large Spanish family and was also adopted into a large one. She has 12 siblings all around, and loves spending time with them! Laysha has served on her church's Sunday school class. Laysha recently went on a school trip to Naomi's Village, a school in Kenya, and fell in love with the people. The best part about the trip was spending  time with the kids and exploring the surrounding villages. In her free time she values time with friends and family. Laysha loves everything art related and enjoys reading. She looks forward to meeting new families and spreading God's love through creativity, quality time, and intentionality. 



Emily was raised in a family of seven children. She is an aunt to two energetic kids. Emily loves caring for children and being excited with them about the simple things in life. She was previously a school teacher. One of her favorite things to do with children is a craft or anything creative. Her goal is to reflect God’s love to those around her and to bless each home she works in. A few of her favorite things include warm weather, roller coasters, riding waves, art, and experiencing new cultures.