dear momma,

 you are the giver of life and love to your family. You build a refuge in which your family is nurtured, valued, and encouraged. Through your tender care, your family thrives. Let us bring the same kind of life affirming attentiveness to the sacred space of your birth experience and within your home.

Practiced in the art of motherhood, we seek to complement your strengths by coming alongside you in one of life’s greatest callings. Using a holistic approach, we serve mamas and their families before, during, and after birth. Together, with a community of support, we help usher women into motherhood with confidence and grace. In doing so, it is our hope to positively impact mothers and their families.


Jasmine is a Charis-certified Birth Doula whose passion is to provide Christ-like physical, emotional, and informational support to Mamas and families during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She began the Charis program in the fall of 2020 and received her certification in June 2022. In January of 2023, she attended a Spinning Babies training workshop to continue to learn about the physiological process of birth.
During her free time, Jasmine loves to experiment with gardening, beekeeping, and trying new recipes. She married her best friend, Marlin, in March 2019, and together they enjoy traveling, trying new foods, and cultivating community.


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Erin is a Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula located in Lebanon, PA. She is a wife and a mama to a sweet baby girl. She worked in L&D in a local hospital before becoming a Doula. 

Erin specializes in natural routes of pain relief including aromatherapy, massage, counterpressure, movement, water, etc. She supports any birth from home births, to hospital, to c-sections.

birth Doula


BIRTH Doula & childbirth educator

Karissa is from Reading, PA. She got certified as a Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula in July 2022. Her passion is that people feel informed and confident going into birth and that they also feel safe and well cared for. She has also worked as a barista for several years, and loves all things coffee and tea, her favorite being lavender matcha.



Mary Ann is a wife to Ben, mother to 7 children, grandmother to two young men and four beautiful girls. Since starting her doula career in 2009 she has attended over 200 births. 

MaryAnn made the decision to retire in 2022. She has enjoyed spending more time with her children and grandchildren!


Marilyn Garman is a wife and a mother to four beautiful children. She loves spending time in the kitchen, teaching her children, and going on camping adventures with her family. Marilyn is full of life, always wanting to learn more about birth and how to prepare mother's for an amazing birth experience. She believes that providing support to mothers allows them to be loved well and in turn, enables them to thrive. 

birth doula